Monday, February 3, 2014

What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?

14th of February means, very special day for almost every loving couple. It’s like Valentine’s Day give people permission and space to celebrate the love. Or reminding, it’s time to say “I love you” to your partner. 
However, there may be very rare couples who celebrating everyday as Valentine’s Day. So they don’t feel any different on this day too. Further they may think that,

“Why on an earth, you want a special day for do love anyway? … Why you can’t love your partner every day, Instead?”  

In a way, they are right. But everybody’s life is not the same. Sometime you may be a workaholic busy man or women. Or you may not have spare time to spend with your loved one. Even you may not have a moment to talk with your partner. Nowadays most of the people’s lives are very busy. But of course still you love your partner. So this will be the day for those people to show how their feeling of love for their partners

.Anyhow…did you plan how you gonna spend this valentine day with your lover? Have you thought about a gift? Or flower bouquet? or something else?

Why don’t you make a creative gift, like an album with past pictures which are in both of you? Or How about writing down some things, you love about your partner, or some love poems, on a paper and sticking it somewhere they will see it first thing in the morning? So…those types of things will keep with them forever. And it will remind how much they meant to you. If you want you can write as....

"There is something in my mind to tell you for some time, I believe this is the time for that, So…here it is…”when the sun goes down, and the night get colder, so..You may count on me… I’ll be there for you looking over your shoulder while embracing you, in both of my hands, and the end…when the all the masks are stripped, will remain only the deep love, and the passion with deep emotion for stronger bond forever!!!"
It’s always good idea to spend as much as time, with your partner on that day, you can plan a day out with her, may be to go an art gallery, or a museum, or for a nice long walk on a tree arcade. That would be more romantic, rather than watching a movie in a dark hall for couple of hours. So you have more time to talk with each other, in that way. And you could exchange lots of desires, feelings and may be future planning.  So it will lead to get more and better understanding about both of you. 
if you are living, little far from a city or town, Rowing a boat is another romantic idea. if you are living in a big city, still you can do it, but due to the heavy crowd in that day, it may ruin your privacy. 
at the end of the day you could plan a romantic meal for both of you. It’ll be perfect your valentine’s day. May be a lunch, or if you can move to a dinner, it’ll be even better. Most of the restaurants provide Valentine’s Day special Menus at special bargain prices, giving a little tip to waiter you could arrange few decorations if you want.

Finally, I want to tell you that, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your partner and let them to feel your love. But it’s not to fill the pockets of card companies, High class boutiques, Florists or 5 star hotel owners.