Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love, Lust Or Infatuation

You are in love with some one? Or is it only a lust?

OK…lots of people think they love their partner, but sometime its not love actually, it’s lust. So how do you recognize whether it is a love or lust or infatuation?

Well, let me put it this way…in movies girl meets a boy, and due to some matter, they walked away for a little time period, then they realized about each other  and they marry. It’s like fairy-tales, then they happily ever after. At that manner, we lead to believe love is amazing and everything happened in between guy and a girl is wonderful, and it’s the true love.

Actually what happens in real life? if you have a close look, this is how it goes. Guy meets a girl and starts dating, then have full of fun with her while trying to have some fun with other girls too. Meanwhile girl is trying to keep her guy with herself. Or girl is flirting with other guys too, may be in office, or the college. So is this type of affairs are really love? Or fun with lust?

So…having a strange feelings for someone can make the decision, that "you are in true love", for a moment, when you are actually in lust or infatuated. Here's the important facts, about infatuation, lust and love:

Lust is only a physical attractions and it last only for fulfill the physical needs. It totally depends on the appearance. With lust, you never respect the person, you need him or her only for fulfill your desires.

Infatuation is an intense feeling which helps you to imagine you are in true love, but not in reality. In here you have strong feeling about your crush and, you believe she is the person that you want, but actually she is not. You try to acknowledge by force, to your subconscious that she is the one for you, whether she is bad or good. in shortly, you trust her and you love her no matter what, its because you think it’s true love with mutual understanding.

So above both feelings are not lasting long, at some point you realize that it’s not love. Then you think that love is painful and it’s very hard. After this happened, few realize it’s not the love but the lust or infatuation. Others remain in same circulation, so again and again they go after lust and infatuation and get hurt themselves.

But when we are in real love, will have good intense feelings for a women or a man, and be attracted and connected to him or her on the level of mind, body and the soul.  Here are some clues about the real love.

Love is also a feeling. But this is not physical feeling.  And this feeling comes with lots of other things too, mercy, understanding, sharing, tenderness, dedication, hope, trust and the respect of course. When you feel that way, it will put a strong foundation for your relationship. And it will long last.

So it’s better to ask from yourself now, whether you really love your partner or it’s just a lust or  otherwise, Infatuation?