Sunday, September 29, 2013

Love and Hate

Do you hate the person, once you loved, after breakup with them? Or did you love someone but now you hate? Well…some of the romantic stories are ended up with hating to each others, so badly.  Not only that but also, it may occur some violence upon it. It’s very unfortunate.  But of course, it depends on the situation. Anyhow, and at any circumstance, is it really possible to hate the person once you loved so much?

Most of the time, when we love someone for real, we may say “I’ll do anything for you”. But the same time we also hope the return love from them. So in this case actually we do not love them. Instead of we love ourselves. We know that, when we love so much for someone, that one also love us in return in that much. If that person, is not doing love so much for us, or cheating on us, that’s the turning point for begin the hating.  It’s natural for most of the people. So the point, here is, we love only ourselves. Not for them. That’s why, after they breakup with us, we do hate them. But if we really loved them, even if they left us we don’t hate them and we wish them instead.

If you can still stay really calm, when your lover left you or, cheated on you, still it’s a real love. But of course, if they do cheat on you, don’t need to love them more and more. Simply let them go away from your life and Think it’s as a blessing for you. So you don’t need to hate them.  Just don’t keep the hard feelings for cheaters.
Though above is the physical aspect of love and hate, how this occurs in our brain? 

The Public Library of Science led by Professor Zeki of the University College London revealed that neurologically, "love" and "hate" are similar... Is that amazing?

Although emotional opposites, it appears that some of the nervous structures in the brain responsible for hate are the same as those used during feelings of romantic love. Like love, hate is often seemingly irrational and can lead to similar acts of extreme behavior - both heroic and evil.

One would think that both love and hate would be entirety driven by the limbic system, as this is the seat of our emotion and intuition. But Professor Zeki's work demonstrates that a part of the brain called the putamen is also involved. The putamen sits at the centre of the brain and appears to provide connections between the lower parts of the brain, such as the basal stem, and the upper parts of the brain in the cerebral cortex. The putamen is already known to be involved in the perception of contempt and disgust and may also be part of the motor system involved in movement and action.

However, although the circuitry is similar, the way in which it is used for both love and hate is different. One major difference appears to be in the fact that large parts of the cerebral cortex - associated with judgment and reasoning - become de-activated during love, whereas only a small area is deactivated in hate.

This may seem surprising since hate can also be an all-consuming passion like love. But in romantic love, the lover is often less critical and judgmental about their partner whereas it is more likely that in the context of hate the hater may want to exercise judgment in calculating moves to harm, injure or otherwise exact revenge. Therefore the rational, cerebral functions stay activated in order to make these decisions.

The study also speculated that while the "love circuit" seems to be programmed for loving just one person, the "hate circuit" appears to be capable of targeting groups of people based on their race, religion or even the football club they support.

The fact that the cerebral brain appears to be less involved in love may give some substance to the saying "love is blind". On the other hand, this research suggests that the "hate circuit" is far more calculating and much more complex.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love your lover without any reasons.

Why do you love your lover? Do you have any reasons for that? Have you ever asked that question from yourself? Do you have an answer for that?

Perhaps, you may say she is beautiful or she is very kind or her voice is so sweet, her body is amazing, or he is very hot, his eyes are so pretty or he loves me so much…etc. so…it means you love them because of a reason or bunch of reasons?

Well…what happen, one of above reasons disappear from them forever? Do you can still love them? 

But doing love without a reason seems somewhat odd or insane. So…it’s very true when we are falling in love with someone, it’s because for one or many of above reasons.  But the problem is, after this starting point of doing love, if you are still continuing love that person just for this reason or reasons, it may tricky. And it’s not a love. It calls desire. Desire is never last long. It has an end. And it’s true, desire also can keep both of you awaking, but it’s not the true love.  And after ending of the desire, you may frustrate about you partner. In that case, being love for reason is May not gonna long last.  So…end of the desire, you just gonna walk away from them?

 But of course, at the start you may love for a reason, but eventually you may love no matter what or without any reason. That’s the real love. It happens due to spiritual understanding. So the point is love without a reason is forever. Otherwise, if the reason you love is gone, some day, you will be disappointed and you may break up with them. And keep remember that, pure love doesn’t have any reason, as well as it will remain in every season.

When you love someone, Could you love, like you gonna die tomorrow?

It’s sound crazy? I guess very few people love like that way. But in that way, love will always be in alive, and fresh. Never get old. Most of the people just do love.  In simply, they love because others also doing love or they want a partner for share things. They want to marry someone, It's because that is the requirement of the society.  They do those things, but they don’t mean it. That’s the common way.

So…how about you guys? Let’s ask a simple question from your heart. “What is the last moment that you told to your lover that “I love you” with a deep feeling. (I know that most of the people say “I love you” after every telephone conversation”). But I mean, with a deep affection. Sometime people do marvelous things, till they make a relationship with someone. But after, they made the relationship; it became a normal day today thing and, just goes.

If you really love someone, it’s better to show them, show your feelings inside of you. Be opened. Let it know them how deep is your love about them. Let it know them how happy you are because of them. Always remind them, how they really mean to you. Most of the time, it’ll help to increase the bond of the relationship and of course the love too. It’ll make your relationship in good shape. And it’ll make more happiness in both of you. You’ll never miss the chances that way. You’ll never be regretting that way. In simply, love like, you gonna die tomorrow. Then you’ll never miss a thing.
And also love is like a plant, plant needs more care, sufficient water, sufficient shelter, and sufficient sun shine. Otherwise it’ll die. But when it became a large tree, it will give you the shelter, or the fruit for your hunger. Love is same as a little plant. It needs more care, as a growing little plant. But when it became big enough to care about you, it will care about you for rest of your life.