Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Giving a space to the love.

To have a perfect relationship with your lover, you and your lover need to understand how to give space in a relationship. Space between two lovers is important as well as love between two lovers. This two will build a perfect and meaningful relationship.

Lot of people has a belief of that lovers need to completely depend on each other to feel actual love and happiness. Of course, good relationship needs dependability, but the same time it needs some space away from each other too. Otherwise it may be felt trapped in the love. Both lovers need to do much love each other and yet grow as individuals at the same time. Fail to do so, you’d end up getting annoyed with your partner who seems to be depending on you to do everything for them. Initially every lover wants to do everything for their lover. It’s obvious. But eventually this may be annoying. So don’t go to that stage. Try to avoid dependability for each and every little thing.

Other thing is we may love to spending time with our partners, but there are always times in every relationship when we just need to give some space to help each other grow as individuals. It’s because, Sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t such a great thing. Spending all the time together can bring both of you close, but can damage your individuality. By sharing all the activities, you don’t really know what you or your partner enjoys doing. So it may like you just do everything for just stay together. It is like your trapped your own love.

Perhaps, your lover may be screaming for space in a relationship, even if they don’t say it out loud. But at some point they may say “I want some time alone”, or “I need to focus on my career”. They may say like that, it’s not because they want to leave you. But they need a freedom of being themselves. To avoid those painful wordings, always it’s better to understand the importance of the space between you and your lover.

 Knowing how to give space may be extremely difficult, especially at the beginning. But considering the stakes and what you may stand to lose, you should train yourself to become adept at this art. If this is not rightly balanced out, one person becomes uncaring or unemotional and the other person becomes needy or clingy in love.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Need clues for do conversation with your new lover?

Sometime we may need some topics to spend time with our loved one. Instead of just talking and just staring it’s better to talk something. So here are few ideas to keep your relationship alive. Conversations can be a difficult task,   when it’s a newly begun relationship. Sometimes both of you may be excited to talk to each other at the beginning. Even seasoned relationships can go through this when talking same thing over and over. And the conversation is the better way to get to know each other better.

Of course you may have many things to talk about with your newly met lover, but as both of you don’t know each other too well, so it may confused to talk about right thing.

But, there’s something you need to remember. Silence is not always a bad thing. At times, silence can be a perfect thing to help both of you fall more in love with each other. After all, silence in a conversation is the best sign to show that both of you feel really comfortable with each other and don’t need a constant barrage of words to feel at ease in each other’s company.

However, if you really need some tips to carry on your talking, use these tips spending time with your lover.It’s a good topic to talking about ambitions of both of you; it will make a chance to know about lot of things about each others. Mostly everyone has future dreams, and everybody likes to talk about them. So it will be a good start to go.  

And the next best thing is to talk about the desires of each others. And the favorites, hobbies and to do things. Find out, about them and seem genuinely interested in knowing more about it. When your lover sees that you’re interested in his passions, it’ll be more excited to spend time with you and talk to you. Then it’s good idea to ask about the day of your loved one. At the beginning of a relationship, everything’s fascinating. because both of you are trying to know more about each other’s lives. The best way to get to know them is by talking about their day, every day. When both of you know about each other’s lives, you’ll feel more connected to each other. 

People just love giving advice to other people. If you want to bond better with your new one, ask them for some help, be it about your work life or an issue that’s more personal. And it will lead to more and more conversations. And the other thing is about the friends. Ask about their friends, everybody loves to talk about friends, specially boys. Boys got good connected friendship with their friends. They always love to talk about them. And the next time you meet their friends, remember the stories and talk about it. So the friends will enjoy your company.

If you interested in movies, songs, novels and of course computer games, talk about them. Coz’ those are very interesting and they will describe your desires to them, if both love for same thing, it will delight both of you.

If both of you connect better over these conversations and they feels like you offer a lot of valuable suggestions, they’ll start to depend more on you and look up to you for advice and help in their own life.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are you getting ready for your first date?

Are you getting ready for your first date? So…This is the very first day that you are going to give an impression about you, to lasting forever in his or her mind for life time. So go through bellow tips. It will prepare you for nice remembering first date.
If you are a girl or a boy, you pay much attention to your Skin at your first day. You must remember that skin is the largest organ of the human body too. It is the first thing anyone could see at first sight on a human. Whether your skin is fair or dark, it doesn’t matter. But it should be in fresh and clean. And the hair, of course. It should be cleaned too and neat. Clean hand and nails will be an added value for your appearance. And the fresh face, of course. Specially, Take care about your body odor. No one likes the stinky, use a good body fragrance for maintain the body odor.
The other important thing is your native assets, if you’re a guy, your body shape and the height. Dress with cloths to improvise your figure. And if you’re a girl, boys will defiantly looking at your breast, hip and the butt. So pay attention to select dress for get more attraction for those assets. But take care for not giving so great look on the first date. It’s because, some boys may not like in that way. 
And always try to have nice charm smile, it will be a jewel for your face.  And the way you talk, try to listen carefully and answer, or chat. Don’t be a chatter box. Lot of boys don’t like to have a girl who have a chatter box. If you’re a boy respect the girl as much as possible, give an attention to her desires. They admire it. And if you have personal skills let them know about it. Everybody likes to have a person with unique skills, like painting, playing music instruments, Etc…specially Girls want a guy who knows how to keep his woman happy.

If you are a boy always try to wear branded materials, watches, trousers, shirts. It’s because basically women like wealthiness. On the other hand they think, “If He could pamper himself with luxuries, he would pamper me too with luxuries”. But keep remember that dress for the occasion. And always be comfortable with your dress. It’s because, if you are uncomfortable with your dress, it will be shown up on your face for sure. 

The other important thing is the venue. And this part is directly goes to the male's side. If you go to a restaurant with your girl, you may ask the waitress to do some value added services for your table, like more flowers, more candles. Try to show how this meeting is important to you and how you care about her happiness. And for the girls, admire whatever he did for your convenience or happiness.
After above all keep remember to be yourself. Don’t try being another. Good luck girls and boys.