Sunday, March 31, 2013

Did love hurt you ever?

Everyone may say love hurts. Why love is hurt so much? One aspect is, it’s because you don’t really love someone, though you think, “you love someone really”. But it’s more likely, you have desire on that one and in return you feel happy in your mind regarding that. And the same time you are accepting same love (Desire) in return from other person for you. If that one failed to do so, you feel really sad. Or that one leaves you still you feel really sad. But real love means, not accepting anything. It’s only a giving. So... Real love never hurts. But desire... of course it’s really hurt.

The other aspect is, and the practical situation is, someone feels hurt in his or her heart due to another person. Wonderful thing is someone cause to another one’s hurt. And nobodies think they may cause to someone’s hurt. It means, every person hurts from someone and that person is going to hurt another one. It’s like a circle. Then everybody hurts at a certain point. Further, our quantity of love is depending on the person we love. Sometime though we have a good partner, if we met new one who makes more feelings in our mind, we may go after that person, leave existing. and we make the pain in that person's heart easily. So...That same thing may happen on us again. Then we will get hurt too. That’s why everybody gets hurt due to love, at some point. As mentioned before, this is like a circle.

When we love someone truly and deeply, we believe, our life means our love. On that base, if one person does something wrong to another, it’ll greatly effect to our life. Sometime if we do just love or merely love, it may not much effect to us, hurt is depending on, how much you do love for a person. Always more love is more pain. Less love or fake love gives less pain. And there is another way too. Suppose there is a couple who are in love truly and madly for each other. But due to some minor reason(s) one is just leaving from other and goes with someone else. It’s really hurt, but it’s a fake love. Why do get hurt about fake love? No needs to worry about fake love. We must understand that, if someone leaves us for nothing, we should let them go. It’s because if someone not care about us, why should we care about them?

So think to yourself, real love means, giving without accepting. You will never feel a pain in this way. Real love never makes hurt in your heart, but desire does.  

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Young and old Love.

In the society we see very young people are falling love with some old people. Traditionally, these types of love affairs are seemed to be odd, we think. But in their minds, they may have wonderful feelings and remarkable relationship in between them.

If we go deep these relationships, it’s oblivious that older people have more patience, more experience about the relationships. Not only with the love, but also with the physical bond, they got good experiences. So if older one involve with a younger one, it may could build up a good relationship. Lots of Women over 25 and still single are mostly disappointed by men of their age limits; they look for somewhat mature men for their satisfactions, it’s because they think, younger men are always stubborn and they don’t see the consequence, and always they breaking women’s hearts so simply. But mature men could keep the commitment rather than young men. And the other thing is younger men who in same age with women, not much respect the women, but older men. And older guys always care young women as their jewels. Further the older guys may more wealthiness and they could give more security than a young fellow. Young women always love to have more security and they like wealthiness too.  So the all facts mean, it could easily build up a good relationship with young women and older guys.

If we suppose that male is young and female is older, then it may be boy will accept more physical bond than a love or sometime even money from that lady. And the ladies also like to have young men company, than their age’s men.  Accordingly that female hopes more stubborn love with physical bond from the young guys... But in many cases, it may never be a strong love relationship in between young men and older women.

But always keep remember in your mind that, if it’s a real true love, we don’t choose who we fall in love with, it simply happens.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Love & Physical feeling

Result of true love is physical attraction?

Physical bond is the ultimate pleasure, of the love. And it is the physical presentation of the love. But the most wonderful thing is, without any love, still people can do this thing. That is the lust for physical bond.

But true love is not depending on the physical bond, True love is depending on the mutual understanding. If someone does love just for physical bond, it will not be a long term relationship. It’s because person’s physical attraction does not exist in long term. And if some has lots of physical requrments, he or she will not remain with a one person. But of course, love needs the physical bonds for enjoy the love, not as a lust.
The other thing is to go in to her or his heart, and to touch their Soul we may say lot of love stories, and we may do lot of good things for them to make their mind up. That is the way of loving each other’s hearts.  

On the other hand, we can’t love everyone. It’s because, to love somebody truly, we should have a real deep emotional romantic feeling about him or her. Then only we feel the love. When it’s this feeling of love goes deep, so the physical bond takes the place. That’s how true love’s physical bond works. And it’s the way of loving each other bodies.

But people are having physical bonds without any love or any emotion. It may just lust for physical attraction. So the physical attraction exists in two forms. One form is with love and the other with lust. What do you think folks?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love & Money

As a young boy one of my friend thought, to have a pretty girl he must be a smart, handsome guy. But after he grown up, thought to have a pretty girl, he must be a wealthy man.

Suppose, if you have a nice sport car, and wearing a luxury watch with a newest smart phone, and you go to a restaurant. Then what happened? Everyone in there will look at you. Everyone may want to say “Hi” to you. They don’t care whether you dark or fair, tall or short, you good or bad. They concern only for your Wealthiness. In here it is easy for you to friendly with any girl or boy there. Then they may fell in love with you. It may not the real love. But it’s not the point. Point is if you have good money, it’s easy to find a pretty girl or a boy.

Further, someone could say “In this world we could buy our love at a cost”. It’s because everything has a cost. Someone could argue, “Yes… everything has a cost but feelings”. But feeling of “Love” may create by money accordingly. If someone gives you enough money, you may do whatever they tell you to do. Just like movie stars. In movies they do what they ask to do for money, when we watch the movie, we never think it’s fake.  In simply, Lots of unpleasant or old fellows are dating or married by pretty girls. It’s because money. It may not the real or true love. But they are pretending its true love for just for sake of money.

The other hand, someone could love for someone due to the money at the first stage. But gradually they may get to know each other and mutual understanding grow up. Then it may become a steady relationship with real love for everlasting. But that is very rare.  

Other thing is, though we have a true lover, but if not have enough money to spend for live, then what will happen? For sure, true love may escape. But if it’s a really, really true love it won’t. But it’s also very rare.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love & Beauty

Some people say “Beauty” is in the eye of the beholder, some says “Love” is blind. These two slogans are really good. But, how far is it correct?

Naturally people like to see and obtain beautiful thing. And every people like to be beautiful. It’s because everybody like for beautiful people. So it’s obvious that, so easy to find the love for beautiful people. But of course, it may not the true or real love, but it’s a different story. Whether its true love or not, majority of people like to have their partner as a beautiful person.

And lots of people are telling true love is not depending on the beauty of a person, it depends on the beauty of the heart of that person. But everybody likes to love a beautiful person. It means, people don’t like to accept love is depending on the beauty. Instead of accepting that truth, they try to justify it using the phrase of “true Love not depends on the beauty, and it depends on the person’s heart”. It’s a bit of tragic thing. But that’s the truth.  

The other thing is, If we see a beautiful person, at a first site, we may glance at him or her for second time too. And sometime we may fell in love with them at the first glance. Not only that, we may love them secretly, even without knowing anything about him or her. But if we saw an unpleasant person, we may not look at them for second time for sure. So it’s very easy to have love for beautiful people. That’s how actress and actors have more people for love them.

It means, easy to find “love” for beautiful people?